Slingshot MT

Slingshot Monster Truck

Welcome to the Slingshot Monster Truck website. Have a look around the website. You’ll find out about the awesome fun and adventures that Karl Swallow and his Slingshot have had over the years.

Did you know that Slingshot was the first European truck to jump a bus and Karl was the first European driver to run in the USA!

In November 2011 Slingshot appeared in the 3rd Bahrain Motor Show in front of 30,000 plus fans! Slingshot really rocked Bahrain. How cool is that?! Karl said:

“It was a great honour to be invited to perform at such a great show in such a great place. The F1 track was a great experience. Thanks to Wassim for bringing us over, and a great thanks to Hasan and all his crew for their help. We are glad to say we will be back next year for even more car crushing action”.

You can hire Slingshot for local events (it’s noisy so warn the neighbours!) or for static displays. Contact Denise for details.


Karl would like to thank for all their support. Much appreciated!


After the unfortunate passing of Karl in July 2012, slingshot carried on with the youngest driver in Europe, Alan Vaughan, Karls nephew.     Alan a year on is following in Karls footsteps, keeping his dream alive. Slingshot is proud to announce that we are working with Lisa Kelly from ice road truckers.