Slingshot MT History

Slingshot Monster Truck was owned and run by Karl Swallow and his family, but unfortunately passed away in July 2012 and his nephew Alan Vaughan took over in the driving seat only aged 18. Karl started the slingshot adventures in 2003 when he decided to make his dream a reality and move forwards from Street Legal Monster Trucks to the real deal. He had been involved in customized Pick-ups for over 15 years and attended countless shows all over the UK. The emergence of Monster Trucks in the UK gave Karl and the team the opportunity they needed to build their own Monster Truck. With the first appearance at the Pro-MT Race Event at Hop Farm in Kent in July 2004.

When slingshot was first built it was running a petrol-powered engine which everyone said would never be able to compete against the Blown Methanol Engines which everyone else was running. Karl came 3rd in the 2005 European Monster Truck Racing Championship and proved a lot of people wrong! Slingshot 1 appeared in its first Monster Jam Event in 2005 when Karl performed in front of 30,000 spectators at the Geldredome in Arnhem Holland. However Karl wanted to compete on a level playing field and so he upgraded his equipment to the New Slingshot in 2006.

The major changes were a Blown Methanol Engine producing an estimated 1800 bhp and changing the experimental JCB axles for the tried and tested F-106 Centers and Clark Planeteries that so many Monster jam Trucks run. He also took on board some great advice and changed from a turbo 400 to a Coan 2-speed gear box.

The new and improved slingshots first outing was at Santa pod raceway in early 2007, in that year we also returned to Monster Jam. we took part in 3 shows in Arnhem, we additionally added 3 shows to our list at the Stade de Bercy in Paris to our International adventures.