Truckfest Ireland 17th and 18th August

This was a new venue, for Truckfest, again the weather was good to us. After training Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers jumped in the seat and did slingshot proud,  adding to her many driving skills top job Lisa. Slingshot was surprised by the many fans in Ireland that had been following us. There support and friendship will never be forgotten.

Malvern 6th and 7th July 2013

We arrived at the Three Counties Showground on the friday night ready for action on the Saturday. Great weather to wake upto on Saturday morning, brill jumping and driving by Alan once again, slingshot couldn’t have sounded better. Sunday was very hot, not alot of shade, slingshot jumped first. Alans first two jumps were awesome. Then came the last set of two jumps, the first jump was high, his second jump was even higher, unfortuneately slingshot came to land on its side. Happy to report Alan ok no bruises all safety gear works keeping Alan safe. Truck has little damage, slight bodywork and one bent fore link, but already repaired for the next show.

Peterborough 2013

Slingshot arrived at Peterborough with a refreshed engine ready for the new season. Day one Saturday slingshot seemed ok, but, didn’t seem on song fully.Alan Vaughan performed brilliantly putting the truck through its paces. Saturday night Kevin and Pete decided to strip the engine, oh dear not a good idea. A pushrod was found to be broken so unfortuneately we couldnt run the Sunday. Thanks to John Sleath for coming out so soon to repair the problem

Truckfest Newark 8th and 9th September 2012

On the Saturday morning we did a lovely talk about Karl as Newark is our home town. Karl went to the local school at Newark. I know he would be really proud of what we are doing. Alan had a brilliant day clearing cars, and seeing lots of people that knew us. On the last session of the day Alan said  he was a bit hot, ( he did look a bit like a beetroot). Kevin thought something was wrong with with Slingshots 4 wheel drive, but the BBQ was calling so the truck could wait till Sunday.  Sunday arrived and as we started to strip the wheel off we realised that it was not just us there, all the crew from the street trucks were there to help. We stripped it down found a broken key, put another one in, back together and off we went. The weather was hot again Slingshot and Big Foot 17 went head to head jumping. The jumps that both did were Karl all over. What a brilliant end to what has been an up and down year seeing the sad loss of my special brother, with love Denise.

Truckfest Ireland 18th and 19th August 2012

We had the call to do a press conference with Slingshot on the Friday so we had to go early to Ireland, Alan was confident he could put on a good show,  he did 3 jumps clearing 5 cars with his last jump and getting his picture in the Sun newspaper. The Saturday was a win for Nigel and Bigfoot but Alan came fighting back on the Sunday and won so it was a draw over the weekend Alan is the youngest driver in Europe at 18 years old. Next stop Truckfest original in our home town of Newark so watch this space…….

Truckfest Edinburgh August 4th and 5th 2012

This was a sad occasion on the Saturday as it was the first outing without Karl in the driver’s seat a beautiful tribute was done by Bob from live promotions. Alan then took to the driver’s seat in his first show in front of the public. The weather could not have been better for him and he performed brilliantly. Alan had been driving in Bahrain practicing in case Karl had the phone call for a transplant. On the Sunday the rain started first thing in the morning and didn’t stop all day by the time Alan came to do his jumps in the afternoon it was more like a duck pond than a main arena. Alan kept his cool and cleared all the cars with no problems.