Truckfest Shepton Mallet June 30th and July 1st 2012

Saturday was a bit cloudy and cool Slingshot was performing well again. We had a good day with no breakages. The Slingshot crew with Karl as driver Denise as main RRI operator and Alan as  chief mechanic things ran very smoothly. On the Sunday it was Karls birthday we wondered what we could do as a surprise for him. Lisa and Nigel from Bigfoot had a banner with Happy Birthday on it made. So we  kept him in the trailer, while we sneakily put the banner on the tail gate of the truck. whilst the night cover was still on. When we had all had our breakfast we stood outside with camera in hand to capture the look on his face as we unveiled the banner, he took a bit of convincing to come and help us take the cover off. Thanks to Nigel who told him that he had broken his tail gate he did come out and have a look as you can see from the picture it was a total surprise. The rest of the day went along brilliantly with no breakages again and Karl having a very happy day all round. Now for the sad part on the Monday whilst at home with our parents Karl unfortunately suffered a massive heart attack which lead him to pass away. This was such a shock to us all as it was not expected. After a discussion with us all as family it was Karl’s wish that Alan  Vaughan was to drive the truck and for us to carry on.

Truckfest, Peterborough May 6th and 7th 2012

The Slingshot Monster Truck team headed off to a very wet Peterbough showground on May 6th and 7th for the the first Truckfest of the year. With two days of car crushing ahead of us and a slight change in format to the show, Slingshot went out for it’s first set of 4 jumps after a complete engine and gear box rebuild by John Sleath racing .

Slingshot peformed to its best clearing all five cars with ease. This seemed to raise the spirits of the now very soggy crowd. With more nice jumps, once again clearing all 5 cars in the stack, it turned out to be a better night than we had the year before when we had the complete shock set up to rebuild.

Monday was a typical bank holiday with dry weather to start with, and then when we was about to go out for the second show day to again jump 5 cars, the heavens opened making it slippery under foot (or tyre). This made it extra hard to gain traction with our race cut tyres but once again Slingshot managed to clear all 5 cars succesfully.

Thanks to Alan Vaughan chief crew guy for keeping Slingshot in top running order and also to Denise for being the main ground support crew being my eyes and ears on the floor.